Why Choose Amour?

★ MORE WITH AMOUR ★ Our brand and products are designed with two primary objectives, to help you feel and perform better.Each ingredient found in any of our products have been well researched and been shown to positively impact health and performance. Not only are the ingredient benefits researched but so are their dosages, this ensures maximal benefits can be enjoyed.
★ PURITY ASSURED ★ Free form artificial colours, sweeteners, and no added salt or sugar, Unlike many supplements sold in there UK, none of our products are imported from China and conform with the strict regulations ensuring optimal quality ingredients are the building blocks of each of our products.
★SAFE, UK MADE AND MONEY BACK GUARANTEE★ - All ingredients and formulas conform with EU Law and are manufactured here in the UK. Whilst we are confident you'll enjoy and benefit from our products, In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with any purchases you make across our range, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.