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A strongly dosed 3 ingredient formulation of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. With over 300 biological functions requiring magnesium including muscle function, bone health, carbohydrate metabolism, energy transport, mineral balance and much more.

Our 2 tablet serving contains 750mg of magnesium (200% RI). Zinc stimulates the activity of around 100 enzymes in the bloodstream, which plays a key role in DNA synthesis, Immune support, testosterone support, fertility and wound healing and many more. Each serving contains 12.9mg of Zinc (129% RI). Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) enhances blood vessel and skin health, relieves anemia and symptoms, prevents diabetes and helps with hair loss.


2 tablets before bed

Avoid taking with dairy products


750mg Magnesium, Zinc 12.9mg, B6 2.8mg

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians: YES

Works well with; Amour Nutrition Multivitamin & Mineral Complex