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Caffeine alone has been researched and it's benefits have been well proven. However by adding an additional 5 ingredients including guarana, vitamins B6 + B12 and Green tea, our caffeine complex can further ensure both mental and physical performance can be further optimised.
Whether you're looking to improve focus and concentration at work or looking for an energy surge before a workout. Caffeine complex has been formulated to suit multiple demographics, with the use of natural and safe ingredients at safe dosages.
Unlike many similar products on the market, our caffeine complex won't leave you jittery and with an irregular heartbeat. Where many similar products contain excessive stimulants and dosages, we've added natural vitamins, minerals and ingredients such as chromium and green tea.


2 capsules daily


Per 2 capsules Caffeine 200mg Guarana 150mg Vitamin B6 4mg Green tea 100mg Vitamin B12 20ug Chromium 30ug

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians: NO