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Whether you're looking to completely transform your body with a large reduction in weight or a fitness enthusiast looking to loose the last few pounds on those stubborn areas, Metabolic Fusion could be the difference. Designed to maximise fat metabolism, Metabolic Fusion has been created to complement everyones goals no matter how big to small.

Each ingredient found in Metabolic Fusion plays a unique role in influencing fat metabolism. These roles include, increasing the breakdown of fat from the fat cells and increasing the rate the released fatty acids are sent to the mitochondria to be burnt. Each ingredient can be purchased in single ingredient form, making Metabolic Fusion great value per money based on ingredients and their dosages.

Whilst many supplements are heavily dosed with caffeine and/ or guarana, Metabolic Fusion contains minimal stimulants. This means no jitters our sleep disruption. Not only that, this means this can be safely taken with stimulant based products to maximise effectiveness.


2 capsules daily


Active Ingredients - (Per 2 Capsule Serving) L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 300mg Raspberry Fruit Extract 1000mg Green Tea Extract 1000mg Vitamin B3 35.66mg (223% NRV) Acai 500mg African Mango 200mg

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians: NO