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Our Marine collagen complex is formulated with a 7 ingredient blend. Each playing a unique role on supporting skin, hair, nail and joint wellbeing. This maximises effectiveness and offers great value for money compared to many single ingredients formulas.

Marine collagen along with biotin and hyaluronic acid, have all been well researched and proven to support the health of hair skin and nails. From wound healing to brittle nails, the benefits can be enjoyed by both Male and females.

To deliver great benefits we've created a formula that contains only the purest ingredients, we've then ensured each ingredients can deliver maximum effectiveness by ensuring all dosages are sufficient. Each ingredient is easily absorbed allowing for sufficient bioavailability.


2 capsules daily


Marine Collagen 400mg, Vitamin C 80mg, Iron, 14mg, Hyaluronic Acid 40mg, Zinc 10mg, Grapeseed Extract 10mg, Biotin 100ug

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians: NO